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No holiday can be complete without shopping and surely not in Australia. No longer restricted to plain necessities, shopping is for luxury, therapeutic and even patronising in some cases. Shopping is a happy affair and often relaxing; reminds you of a dear one back home looking forward to your return. To defend the vice one might say that it is a good exercise as it keeps you on your toes all the time. Nevertheless tending to economies is appreciable but an occasional shopping spree does not hurt. You cannot go back from Australia before catching up some unique souvenirs. You have some exquisite Aboriginal artefacts in the market which will take you back to their age. Australia alone produces 95% of opals in the world and a variety of other gemstones as well. You may try some quaint opal jewellery or Australian pearls or hold those rare bred pink diamonds from Kimberley against you throat. Get yourself a fitted with a set of swimsuit for the Australian water or delve deeper into the comfort of a pair of sheepskin boots. It is also not to be dismissed that this land is rated high fashion wise. Huge collection of contemporary design will have you swooning over them.

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  • Always on Sale : Online shopping store specialized in perfumes, games, jewellery, electronics, movie tickets and more.

  • : Australian online shopping directory providing resource on online shopping websites throughout Australia.

  • Australia On Collins : A cosmopolitan shopping centre in Melbourne with specialty stores including fashion, homewares, gifts health, beauty and more.

  • Big Shop : Online shop offering thousands of products from certified Australian merchants.

  • General Pants Co. : Online clothing store offering latest fashionable dresses for both men and women.

  • Local Store : Australia shopping guide assists in finding online shopping websites.

  • : Online shopping site offering products from hundreds of online retailers that deliver products throughout Australia. Areas include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.

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