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Education is one of the foremost quests which need to be achieved for prosperity of a nation. Therefore education and institutes housing education are significant in any economy. Be it a developed economy or a developing one, the quality of the educational institutes can lend you a foresight into the prospects of the nation. Education system in Australia is federal in nature. The schools are primary responsibilities of the state or territory in which they belong. There are both public and private schools in each state. Australian Government follows the three-tier model of education. At first there is the primary education, followed by the secondary education and then comes the tertiary education. Children of ages between 7 to 12 years fall under primary education, 13 to 17 years lie in the secondary education after which school education ends. From the age of 17 to 18 the tertiary education begins. For attaining tertiary education students enroll themselves at Universities, technical or medical schools. They may also register for vocational courses at recognized institutes which help them learn a particular skill useful for some special trade. As per reports Australia purports 99% literacy among the citizens of either gender.

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  • : Source to find information on Australian education. Assists international students with admissions, international education, study english programs, MBA, student life, travel, study in Australia, and free email accounts via australia mail.

  • Australian Education Union : Formed in 1995, a federal union for teachers, principals, education support staff and all educators working in government schools and government-funded early childhood, TAFE and adult education.

  • : Provides comprehensive information on Australian universities and colleges with rankings, schools, history, groupings, and links to my university home pages, international pages and open day events.

  • Child Care Tasmania : Supports the development of high quality child care programs and services in Tasmania by implementing appropriate licensing process and ongoing monitoring of child care services.

  • Edu Jobs Online : Aims to provide education organisations and related bodies with a professional service to advertise vacancies on the internet. Vacancies include whole education environment from teachers and management staff to clerical and ground staff.

  • Education Abroad Network, The : Offers college study abroad programs which includes semester study abroad, summer study abroad, internships abroad, and scholarships for education abroad.

  • Engineering Education Australia : Provides education and training on professional development courses, engineering courses and graduate programs for the engineering team since 1989.

  • Health Schools Australia : A Government accredited college for studying natural medicine by distance learning in Cairns.

  • Nursing in Victoria : Provides comprehensive information for the public as well as nurses with regard to the nursing profession.

  • : Official Australian Government website, providing information about courses, institutions, study and living costs, the application process, visa requirements and more.

  • University of Newcastle : A world-class university demonstrating excellence in teaching and research in health, medicine, science, engineering, energy and environment.

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