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Just as the economic progress of a nation gets reflected in the elevation of the standard of living of the citizens, it is through Arts and Entertainment that the socio-cultural advancement is showcased. Artistic skills when nurtures to its full potential reap recognition worldwide and also invited investors and patrons. Also any artistic, sportive or academic brilliance helps breeds many more of the sort among the mass. Hence talents in any field need must be recognized and reared to its full bloom. Australia has seen a boost in the art and entertainment field since 2005-06. Indeed the last decade has reaped huge profit in this sector. Cinema, music, publishing, advertisement, etc have together made this possible. Evidently Australian Government bestows considerable relief on the performing arts business. There are several governing bodies set up by the for the purpose of regulating the content and quality of the performances of the interactive media. They also work on a detailed analysis of the data from the archives to study the trends for the benefit the industry. There are associations which ensure fair market for new launches. Australia boasts of a very glamorous Sydney Opera house which delivers classic pieces and receives grand accolades.

Site Listings
  • Art & Australia : Provides resource on Australian emerging artists, news, history, art and Australia quarterly journal - sample articles, back issues, artworks, links and more.

  • Art Gallery, The : Art gallery featuring fine international and Australian art.

  • Arts Hub : Australian arts portal providing information on arts related jobs, news, classifieds, events and more.

  • Bruno Lucia : A stand up comedian actor in Australia.

  • Comedy Channel, The : Australian comedy channel devoted to make people laugh twenty-four hours a day.

  • Darwin Visual Arts Association : Organisation dedicated to support production, promotion and appreciation of visual art.

  • Fire Works Gallery : Source to find Australia’s best contemporary artwork. Features unique collection of contemporary works from established and emerging artists, Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

  • Oil Painting Factory : Offers oil paintings at wholesale prices. Includes landscape, reproductions on canvas, portrait, frames and more.

  • Teamwork Handcrafts : Produces a wide range of individually handcrafted items. Uses polymer clay to produce art items representative of the fauna of Australia.

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