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Photography refers to the art of clicking still images with the help of the device called the camera. Photography began as a means to study movement and objects for scientific purposes, however, over the year has refined itself to attain the status of an art. A photographer or the one who practices photography is also an artist. For a good photograph it is important that the photographer has a good understanding of light, colors, the subject and also in-depth knowledge of the camera being used. The results obtained would vary with slight variations in settings of the camera. A few years back photography meant using cameras with films and then the development of the film and printing for the final output or the photograph. With the new age digital cameras it has become possible to see the results almost instantly and also attain higher clarity and picture quality with the high precision cameras. Photography forms an important part of many field, from fashion, science to the world of art. Photography today has come to have a commercial angle and a talented photographer can reap rich dividends for his skills.

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Irving Photography - Denver Wedding Photographer

Mathew and Ariel Irving are newly married couple keen in wedding photography. Focuses on capturing the beauty, elegance and romance of love stories in Denver. Offers both engagement and wedding photography services.

  • Photo Services - Order Art Work : China based website direct selling art studio, turns photo into museum quality oil paintings, original, reproductions, 100% hand painted canvas oil paintings, sculptures, photo services by competitive prices.

  • Kande Photo Booths - Photo Booth Rental : Trendiest photo booth rental company serving the San Francisco Bay Area. State-of-the-art LED glowing photo booths packed with the best photography equipment and software which are sure to dazzle and impress the guests.

  • Corporate Photography London : A corporate photo agency located in London, UK, supplies creative and specialist headshots and event photography for businesses in the city and Greater London area. Created by Grantly Lynch.

  • Enfocus Gallery : Provides images of nature, the American West, exotic travels, Victorian mourning statues and the hands of women.

  • Julie Basello : A photographer specializing in modern portraits of children, familes, seniors and boudoir.

  • Open Digital Photography : Resource on digital cameras, post production, birding, under water photography, news and trends on digital photography and camera market and much more.

  • NYIP : New York institute of photography, the world’s largest photography school caters professional photographers to improve basic skills.

  • Web Photo School : Offering online photography lessons and tutorials which includes camera operation, studio lighting, indoor and outdoor photography portraits and sports and outdoor photography.

  • Say Yes in Myrtle Beach : Offers affordable all-inclusive wedding packages for destination weddings in Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, and Surfside Beach, SC. Packages include professional photography, a wedding minister and more.

  • Keopix Photo Booth Rental : A photo booth rental service provider offering GIF booths, selfie booths, glam booths, and much more. We even provide custom booths to make your next event a memorable one.

  • Northwest Camera : Assists photographers with digital camera repair, sensor cleanings film cameras, lenses, and camcorders. Provides fast, reliable, and friendly service. Serving since 1935.

  • Andy Bell Photography : Photo gallery featuring images that are for sale in both prints and digital files.

  • Lost World Arts : Located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, featuring wide collections of photography from Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

  • Masking Kits : Features information on photographic contrast masking techniques and other darkroom photographic procedures for photographers desiring ultimate print quality.

  • School of Photography : Offering online photography courses in basic and creative photography, glamour photography, black and white photography, landscape and digital photography and much more.

  • Best Photo Lessons : Provides wide range of photography lessons information, tips and tutorials to become a better photographer with any type of camera.

  • LSP Training : Provides adult education and training in professional photography in London with courses and workshops on weekend, daily and evening basis for total beginners and advanced.

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