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Movies or cinema is a very popular medium of entertainment the world over. The movies are an expression of one’s creativity and offers a wonderful platform for actors, actresses and others to put together a great creation. It is considered to be an important medium that depicts society and the different aspects of life. The controversy however, continues of whether it is the movies that influence society or is it in turn influenced by society. A powerful medium of expression movies have been used as a tool for educating the people about different issues as well. With the improvement and advances in technology, the movies too have seen a great change over the years. From the era of the silent movies to the age of animation and special effects, the movies sure have come a long way indeed. Movies have been a big pass time and there have been actors and actresses who are admired, appreciated and have a huge fan following due to their excellent portrayal of characters in the movies. Movies are a reflection of culture and contribute a great deal too to culture and to the world of art.

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  • Kingdom County : Located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, nonprofit media arts education organization and independent film production company produces dramatic and documentary films.

  • Driveintheatre Ownersassociation : Premier organization incorporated as a not-for-profit business league in 1999, promotes commercial motion picture exhibition at drive-in theatres world-wide.

  • : Search for the latest movies in theaters or on DVD along with movie news, reviews and watch movie trailers at

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  • iDLE Brain : Promotes telugu cinema globally by improving the market of telugu films out side Andhra Pradesh and India.

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