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Body art refers to a form of art where the body is the canvas on which the artist paints the picture. Body painting, body piercing and tattooing are some forms of body art that is commonly seen. The varied forms of body art are popular the world over with more and more people using it as a form of expression and even as a style statement. Using the body as a means of expression for art has come to be a trend that has been popular for many years now. This is an extremely specialized field and requires a high level of skill and talent on the part of the artist. Body painting using different motifs and having varied tattoos inscribed on different parts of the body is the more common form that is seen. With artists bringing in innovation and creativity into the field, the scope of body art has widened in the recent years.

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  • Safe Piercing : California based international organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers.

  • Navel Rings : Online retailers for belly button rings, also providing information on navel piercing, its history and more.

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