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Animation is a very popular field from the world of creative art. Creating an optical illusion of movement with the help of several images moving quickly frame after frame is what the principle of animation is based on. Animators are highly creative people and have a good sense of colors and shapes. Animation is created nowadays using the computer and is a highly creative field requiring special skills and talents. Before computers entered the scene, animation or the illusion of motion was created by drawing each frame by hand. The flip book, pin screen animation are the all forms of animation. Digital animation using the computer is done with the use of specialized software meant for the same. A combination of highly complex software which has a steep learning curve is what is used for animation. From the cartoons for children to the world of advertising animation finds a special place everywhere.

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Polymime Animation Company

3D animation company specializes in creating low cost, quality 3D animation, 360 video, character animation, visual effects and motion graphics content. Specilising in 3D medical animation for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing campaigns.

  • Toon Hound : Provides resource on British cartoon, animation, comic strip and puppet.

  • Animation Library : Provides free animations related to alphabets, animals, clothing, nature and more. Also includes articles, reviews, tutorials, postcards, and more.

  • Animation Mentor : An online animation school designed to teach the skills necessary to obtain a job in character animation.

  • Miki Mottes : An illustrator and animator.

  • Cartoon Brew : Provides latest news and trends in animation industry.

  • Best Animations : Providing a wide collection of animated gifs that can be found on the web.

  • Animation Factory : One-stop source for powerpoint templates, backgrounds, animated clip art and video backgrounds for use in web, email, presentations and more.

  • 3Dn Animation : Leading animation company based in India specialized in 3D animation design, 3d modeling, cartoon animation, walkthroughs and other animated design services.

  • Houston 3D Studio : Company in Texas, specialized in 3D animation services such as 3D graphics, character animation, 3D modeling, logo design and website design.

  • Key Frame Online : Source for a wide range of animated films, short films, TV series and specials with user reviews, voice actor info, studios info, news and much more.

  • Academy of Animation & Gaming : Providing high-end training in animation, game and business development for creative technologies in India.

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