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Art Himalayan Trading Ltd
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    Bells of Bliss is a source for authentic top-quality Tibetan singing bowls and practical keys for understanding and using these instruments in the most loving way. Every tool and tip that we offer you, is being selected with lots of careful decisions.

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    The singing bowls and singing bowl sets you’ll find in our catalog have made their way from all over the Himalayas. These instruments survived centuries, passing from one area to another, changing owners along the way. By looking at the image and listening to the sound sample of any bowl, you become a part of the story. Each singing bowl presented on our website has gone through a comprehensive selection process and was chosen from hundreds of other instruments. The one and only criteria that we deliberately follow is the quality of sound. We care about you understanding the uniqueness of Himalayan singing bowls and the influence of sound on mental, emotional, and physical states. To expand your knowledge in the field of sound wellness (sound healing), please visit our "Blog" For information about our sound therapy training, please visit the "Sound Medicine Academy" menu. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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