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The pattern of human activity as displayed by the residents of a region, primarily describe the culture of that land. The behavioural pattern spontaneously displayed when a person is subjected to some physical or emotional commotion like shock, grief, surprise, joy, sorrow, hurt etc. reflects the culture of the land he or she belongs to. A society forms with the inclusion of a group of likeminded people with a will to achieve something constructive. A society may indulge in some sort of recreational entertainment like sports, music or theatre in unison and thus encourage talents. United Kingdom is known as the ?Cultural Super Power? owing to the well defined and polished approach exhibited by the citizens. United Kingdom is known for being zealous sports enthusiasts. They are said to have invented most of the popular international sports. UK has been home to many literary geniuses of the likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Dickens. Their islanded location has as much to their culture as does their long enduring history. This region exemplifies power and achievement. This region spells stricture when it comes to mannerisms, dignity and self esteem.

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