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If you are an art lover and prefer going on a holiday that has art as its core theme, then speciality travel is what you must consider. Going on a holiday and visiting and having to search for art related places can mean a lot of effort and time spent. However, if one does opt for a art holiday one can actually decide on the basis of art. There are a number of speciality travel agents who undertake art tours wherein museums, galleries and exhibitions are the central theme of the holiday. With art being a passion, the traveler is sure to enjoy a vacation surrounded by art. The tour is entirely customized to cater to the needs of the individual traveler making it a memorable holiday that involves masterpieces by the great masters, meeting renowned artistes and everything that one has been dreaming about art. There are speciality art travel tour packages for different areas of art like dance and music to name a few.

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  • Denys James : Resource to study, practice and experience art and culture of Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Burma, Morocco, Lombok, Bali and other places.

  • Travel for the Arts : Providing tours to the world's legendary opera houses in small escorted groups. Featuring performances of opera, ballet and classical music.

  • Arts & Travel : Specialized in escorted, tailor-made travel programs for arts and culture oriented groups and institutions to Europe and beyond.

  • Art Adventures : Company specialized in offering art tours, architecture travel to France, Italy, Spain and England. Special interest tours includes gardens, wine tasting, cooking and painting.

  • MM Art Travel : Offering all inclusive comprehensive and interactive art cultural tours of Russia.

  • Encore Tours : Travel company since 1978, specialized in educational and expertly guided choir, orchestra, dance and theater group tours overseas.

  • Artisan Inn Trinity : Located in Trinity, Newfoundland, a historic fishing village along the shores of Trinity Bay, offering workshop suited to visual artists, photographers, musicians, writers, actors and dancers.

  • Museum Tours : Specialized in providing in-depth, two-week Egypt tour for museum members, organizations and individual travel enthusiasts since 1995.

  • Puppen Tour : American company based in Tucson, Arizona, offering escorted group tours of Europe for collectors of dolls, toys and miniatures.

  • Art Excursions : Providing complete service to individuals, groups, businesses, organizations and associations with an interest in world famous art, architecture and gardens.

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