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Festivals and holidays have always been a time of travel the world over. For those who love traveling and also learning more about different cultures, festivals and holidays are definitely a good time to have a glimpse of the culture and way of living of people living in different parts of the world. With many countries promoting tourism, the festivals have become a good time to have a wonderful travel experience. There are a number of travel companies that make it so very convenient to travel by taking care of all the travel related requirements. With everything from ticket booking, accommodation, sight-seeing tours and transportation taken care, a traveler can truly soak in the very best and enjoy every moment of the time abroad. For countries like India known for its immense diversity and with a huge number of festivals being celebrated, festivals are an integral part of tourism and the best time to see the country, its traditions and the different colors of life in the marvelous land.

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  • Festivals & Events : Features a wealth of information about festivals and events in the country including time, entertainment and location.

  • Edinburgh.org : Official tourism board offering complete guide to the city of Edinburgh in Scotland.

  • Festival Tours : Orlando based company, specialized in preparing, arranging and operating travel for both individuals and groups to North America, Central America and South America.

  • Tours Festival : Established in March 1998, specialized in arranging travel services to Latin America, Europe and Asia.

  • Festive Holidays : Offering great combination of independence, relaxation, sightseeing, great attractions and entertainment worldwide tours.

  • Wikido - What to do Today in Your City : Provides comprehensive resource on city special events throughout USA. Includes concerts, live music, sports, nightlife, theatre, comedy shows and more.

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