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Syria or the Syrian Arab Republic is located in the western part of the Asian continent. The country shares its borders with Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Iraq. A Presidential single party state, the country is spread over an area of 185,180 square kms. The predominant population of the land is Arabic. Damascus is the capital of Syria and Aleppo is the largest city. The Syrian pound is the currency of the country.

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  • Attar Group : Privately owned company involved in commerce, tourism and industry activities.

  • iExplore - Syria : Guides on countries history, events, places to go and other tourist information.

  • Megarbane : Offering various product related to detergent, cosmetics, textiles, paints, ceramics, foods and pharmaceuticals.

  • Reuter - Syria : Professional travel co-ordinator arranging private tours thoughout Syria.

  • Sanadiki Travel : Offering A to Z travel and tourism services, holiday packages and worldwide hotel reservations information.

  • SCBDI : Offering a range of services and advice to clients in economic policy, business and finance.

  • Syria Boutique Hotels : Located mainly in Damascus and Aleppo, includes hotel facilities, online booking information and contact details.

  • Syria Path : Providing valuable information about Syrian society, culture, heritage and places of interest.

  • Syria Poll : Offering detailed, accurate information about Syrian government, politics, economy and democracy online.

  • Syria Travel : Organizing tours, trips and holidays to Syria and parts of Jordan and Lebanon.

  • Syrian Talent : Offers a range of latest job vacancies and job postings in Syria and abroad.

  • Yalla Trip : Syria travel tips, reviews and photos, posted by real travelers.

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