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Skating is a sport that requires the use of skates. Skating is of various kinds depending on the surface on which the individual is skating. It is seen both as a form of entertainment as well as a sport. From roller skating to ice skating, this sport is one that is popular, is a good form of exercise and is also pleasing to the eye. The beauty of skating truly captivates the spectator. In case of roller skating, the skates used are of two kinds, the roller skates or the in-line skates. As a sport, skating is generally performed individually or as a pair. There are different styles of skating that makes it all the more interesting and beautiful. Ice skating as the term suggests means skating on ice. It is performed on specialized indoor areas or outdoors where nature provides the perfect setting for some good ice skating activity.

Site Listings
  • Oakridges Skating : Non profit community based organization, offering accredited lessons to skaters of all ages and abilities from pre-schoolers to adults.

  • Skate America : Leading action sports mail order company, providing customer a wide selection of skate products.

  • Urban Ramps : Providing skateboard ramps and BMX tracks to private skate parks, youth groups, schools and general public.

  • Skate Xpress : UK's leading supplier of skating and ice hockey skates and accessories.

  • Get Inline : Offering wide range of ice, inline skates and ice hockey equipments for recreation and competition.

  • USA Skates : Carries a huge selection of skates equipments from klingbeil, MK skate blades, bauer, CCM, itech and many more.

  • Shop 4 Skates : One stop shop for all all kinds of roller Skates, equipments, accessories and more.

  • My Skating Mall : Place for complete list of new and used skating equipments and accessories.

  • Skate Sports : Programs designed specially for children of 5-12 years of age to develop physically and emotionally while having fun on skates.

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