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Rugby is a game similar to the game of football, however, with rules that vary slightly giving it distinct attributes of its own. A popular sport in America, rugby is played with an oval ball among two different teams, each trying to dominate or gain an upper hand over the other. The game is played in two halves of 40 minutes each. Every player needs to be extremely fit as it is a fast paced game that requires every player to be alert and be able to defend and also do his part very well. Kicking, passing and catching needs to well-practiced by each player so that he proves to be an asset to his team. The rugby field is one that is larger than the football field. The rugby ball is usually made of leather; however, use of synthetic materials is also seen. The size of the rugby ball may vary depending on whether for youngsters or for adults.

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  • IRB : Provides information about international competitions, world rankings, with news, ticketing, latest qualifying news, venue information, press releases, history and events.

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