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Hockey is yet another team sport that is popular in many countries across the world. There are two teams that play in a particular game and each team uses hockey sticks to take the ball or a puck to the goal post of the other team. The game is played on a field with a natural grass, gravel or artificial surface. Hockey is a sport that is played both by males and females. There are many different variations of the game that are played in different countries. From hockey played with the ball to ice hockey that uses the hockey stick to maneuver the puck, hockey is a sport that has won the hearts of many. Ice hockey is again one that is played by two teams however, as the name suggests the surface of play is ice here.

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  • Field Hockey West : Dedicated to promote hockey in Western United States and Canada by offering resources to member and associated players, clubs, teams and organizations.

  • Euro Hockey : Source for a wide range of information on European hockey players, leagues, clubs and much more.

  • DC Street Hockey : Providing support to Washington DC area travel teams by providing quality uniforms, equipments, coaches, practice facilities and a collection of game photos.

  • Hockey Giant : Specialized in skates, protective equipments, licensed merchandise and hockey accessories and memorabilia from the largest manufacturers in the industry, including Bauer, CCM, Easton, Mission and many others.

  • Hockey Factory Shop : Largest online supplier of field hockey equipments in Europe from all major brands including Grays, TK, Mercian, Gryphon, Kookaburra, Malik, Voodoo, Slazenger, Brabo, Zoppo and Stag.

  • Hockey Gear : Located in southern New England hockey, offers CCM, Reebok, Graf and Bauer Hockey Skates and Mission, Reebok and Tour Inline Hockey Skates, hockey helmets, face masks and composite sticks designed by CCM, Bauer, Tackla, Reebok and Koho.

  • USHL : Provides talented young players and officials an opportunity to participate in competitive hockey, considerable training time and involve players and officials to national and international competition.

  • US Field Hockey : Programs designed specially to educate and promote the sport of field hockey also provides services for members, supporters, affiliates and the interested public.

  • : Encourages, promotes, develops and administer hockey at all levels in order to maintain Australian hockey as a world game for everyone.

  • : Primary source for all information pertaining to Men's and Boys' hockey competitions at the state hockey centre, Brisbane.

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