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Boxing is an individual combat sport that brings the competitors on a one to one basis so that they can prove their superior skills over the competitor. There are two boxers who compete with one another in a rink or the game area. They are strictly supervised by a referee who ensures that the boxers go by the rules of the sport. There are several different rounds comprising of 1 to 3 minutes that a boxer has to successfully tide over to be declared a winner. For a boxer to be a winner he has to knockout the opponent. This means that the opponent is unable to get up within 10 counts and get back to boxing or is severely injured that he is not in a position to continue. Boxing is a sport that rewards the winner handsomely. The world of boxing has been witness to a number of great boxers like Muhammad Ali.

Site Listings
  • IBHOF : Mission is to preserve boxing's rich heritage, chronicle the achievements of those who excelled and provides educational experience for visitors.

  • Ring TV : Founded in 1922 by Nat Fleischer, providing a massive range of information and insights on the world of contemporary professional boxing.

  • Chris Byrd Boxing : Website contains the latest news and happenings in Chris Byrd's boxing career also porvides his biography, ring record and photo gallery.

  • James J Braddock : Providing news on James J Braddock career, life and achievements, also offers an online store, photo galleries and more details.

  • Jermain Taylor : Providing wide range of information on Jermain Taylor's career and accomplishments outside of the ring.

  • Boxing Insider : Leading provider of schedules of fights along with wide range of fight coverage, news, articles, forums and other boxing information.

  • Bragging Rights Corner : Providing the most insightful and thorough analysis of boxing news, schedule, fighters interviews, articles, cartoon and much more.

  • Fight Beat : Featuring the latest news, along with articles, photos and forum for enthusiasts to discuss topics about boxing.

  • Title Boxing : Offering wide range of discount boxing equipments, gear, gloves, shoes, trunks, headgear, belts and other accessories online.

  • Ring Side : Offering everything you need for the sport from boxing gloves, shoes, speed bags, trunks to casual apparel. Carries a wide variety of Ringside branded boxing equipment, in addition to gear from Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Top Contender, Ultimate Classic and adidas.

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