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Animal Sports refer to sports in which animals are involved. The human participation varies from one sport to the other. Horse racing and bull fight are the very popular animal sport. However, in these sports there is a human element. There are animal sports like greyhound racing and cock fights where the competitors or the participants are only animals. Humans only play the role of being the judges in such sports. Many animal sports have been an integral part of the traditions and culture and date back to a few hundred thousand years. Animal sports have been around as a source of entertainment and also in many cases to prove the superiority of the trainer or the person owning the animal. Animal sports have also involved betting and a means of making money and entertainment for many through the years.

Site Listings
  • Arabian Racing : Non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, education and professional management of the Arabian horse racing industry in the United States.

  • Bull Fight School : Providing an extensive video analysis, classes on the culture, history of the fiesta and zoology of the fighting bull.

  • e-Sabong : Promotes and professionalize the sports of cockfighting in Philippines and take it to the next level by collating, organizing and creating a database of game histories, match results, breed matches, video clips, and news.

  • Sabong Press : Provides wide range of information on the historical aspects of cockfighting.

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