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Adventure sports include sporting activities which have a high level of adventure and also a high risk. Adventure sports are very popular with the adventurous explorer or traveler and are also a popular tourist attraction in many countries. Adventure sports include a wide variety of sports like bungee jumping, hang gliding, wind surfing and mountaineering to name a few. It is also referred to as extreme sports or action sports and requires the use of special equipment and gear to protect from the high risks or danger level. The level of risk involved in these sports is very high and thus, require a trained instructor or guide to brief you on how to go about the sport. Mostly involve a high level of physical activity and thus, in turn need the person to be physically fit. Adventure sports as the name suggests is for those with an adventurous bend of mind.

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Unique Ascent - Rock Climbing Donegal Ireland

A rock climbing guide to the sea stacks, sea cliffs and mountain ranges of Co. Donegal, Ireland. Offers a full range of courses and guided packages for outdoor adventure holidays, outdoor activities and mountain training.

  • Mile Hi Rafting : Located in Clear Creek County, only 30 minutes from Denver, Summit County, and Winter Park, offering some of the most exciting whitewater rafting in the state.

  • Dynamic Adventure Racing : Provides adventure races for novices and experienced adventure racers across the South of England.

  • Infiterra Sports : Michigan adventure racing includes cycling, canoeing, triathlons, rappelling, climbing, orienteering and other adventure sports.

  • Houston Fitar : Offers training for aspiring and experienced adventure racers looking to improve their performance and fitness and have fun by participating in a variety of endurance sports.

  • Climbing School : Provides wide range of personalized and comprehensive rock climbing and adventure based instructions in the southwest.

  • Adventure Sports Holidays : Dedicated to provide visitors with an unbiased resource from aerobatic flying to zorbing and other sports activities.

  • : Australias leading adventure racing and multi-sport equipment store for outdoor performance apparel, navigation tools, paddling gear, tents and shelters, sleeping mats, books and accessories and more.

  • : Specialized in outdoor adventure activities including white water rafting, canyoning in Scotland near Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Maximum Adventure Sports : Delivering wide range of adventure activities, events and bespoke development training programmes giving participants a real life memorable learning experience.

  • Rafting Colorado : Provides the most memorable, quality and professional white water rafting experience at the unmistakably best value.

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