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Publications in the field refer to the books and journals that are of great importance to professionals practicing in the field. They provide all the required references and information that would enable the professional to move ahead and solve problems with ease. There are a number of books and journals that are published especially for people in the field of law. These are updated from time to time with newer versions. Whatever be the experience or stature of the professional there are always a set of publications that are referred to for keeping oneself updated about the happenings in the area of operation and also to add to one’s knowledge base. Publications may be of different kinds depending on the subject matter they deal with, for instance they may deal with a particular aspect of law or even law of a particular state or country.

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  • State Law Publisher : Official publisher of Western Australian legislation and statutory information online.

  • Lawyers Weekly : Leading authoritative source of independent publisher, publishing weekly news, analysis and opinion about the business of law and delivered to lawyers across Australia.

  • Sweet & Maxwell : Publisher of online books, journals, looseleafs and CDs covering a wide range of legal practice areas.

  • Legal Library : Leading supplier of law books, journals, dictionaries and legal research papers. Provides used law books, professional books and other legal publications.

  • LexisNexis : Leading provider of information and business solutions for professionals in legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

  • HartPub : Publishing academic books and journals about law that enhance the study and practice of law in all aspects.

  • Jordan Publishing : UK's leading privately owned law publisher focusing on quality, authoritative content at affordable prices.

  • : Allahabad's leading publishers, distributors, government suppliers and dealers of Foreign and Indian law books in India.

  • : Specialized in publishing books that deal with legal issues relating to information technology and cyber space.

  • Law Book Shop : Leading book shops in Southern India dealing with various topics like statutory commentaries, bare acts, digests, taxation books, excise books, government publications and more.

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