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Litigation refers to the legal procedure of seeking justice. The litigant or the person seeking justice files a case against the other party. This is the first stage and from here on the litigation goes through various stages. From hearing the witnesses, examining the evidence to the final stage of execution or the decision making, the litigation is entirely a legal procedure which requires that certain rules and regulations be followed. Even after the case has been decided upon the parties have the right to appeal against the decision. Litigations generally involve a lot of time. While some cases are resolved very soon others take months or maybe years to reach a conclusion. Lawyers are the ones who present the case in front of a judge who ultimately decides the case on the basis of the evidences. An experienced lawyer who is an expert in his or her field can make a big difference to the outcome of any litigation.

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  • Finch McCranie, LLP : Specialized in business litigation, white collar criminal defense, personal injury and other tort litigation and worker

  • Maxwell & Barke : Litigation lawyer and criminal law attorney firm based in Maryland specialized in handling litigation and criminal defense cases.

  • Overton Law Firm : Law firm focusing on cases related to business disputes, employment disputes, personal injury and wrongful death claims.

  • Class Action Litigation : Assisting consumers in understanding class action lawsuits, government, consumer issues and the legal system.

  • More Law : Collects jury verdicts, settlement reports and selected appellate court opinions from the state and federal courts nationwide and information about the lawyers and expert witnesses involved in the reported cases.

  • Appellate Counsellor : Source for news and information on the state and federal appellate courts in California.

  • Florida Probate Lawyer : Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Adrian Philip Thomas concentrates on law practices in matters of Florida probate law and litigation.

  • ADV Court Tech : Nationally recognized litigation support provider, offering a multitude of litigation support functions and are a one-stop solution to all litigation needs.

  • Class Action World : Dedicated to provide attorneys, investors, consumers and others with timely class action related information and news.

  • Litigation Services : Founded in 1999, focusing on creating exceptional value and cost-efficiency through centralized discovery management for complex litigation matters. Also provides services related to court reporting, trial services, complex case management and ESI collection, processing and production.

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