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Disputes are a part of life and for disputes to be resolved under law the specific laid down procedures have to be followed. The two parties involved need an unbiased mediator who would help decided matters after giving both sides a good hearing. The lawyer acts as the link between his client and the law enforcing body. The law requires a specific procedure to be followed for cases seeking justice, this requires that a qualified legal professional or a lawyer represent a person in the court of law. A lawyer is a qualified legal professional who has a good knowledge of the various laws and knows how to apply it. After finishing the study of law the lawyer is qualified to practice independently or join any of the law firms. The law firms have a team of lawyers relating to different specializations and offers good exposure to a new person in the field. Big law firms would have several lawyers working with them and have a huge client base as well.

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Waterbury Personal Injury Lawyer

Offers free consultation and educate on the rights. Works on contingency basis - i.e. don't pay a thing unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Includes well-experienced attorneys who are specialized in handling personal injury lawsuits and provide the highest level of service to all the clients.

WN Legal - Family & Criminal Lawyers Perth

A well established Perth boutique legal practice that aims to solve the complex issues. Provides services at cost-effective and dynamic with committed legal practitioners who strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Galloway Jefcoat - Injury Attorneys

Trusted personal injury and accident lawyers with a proven record of success. No upfront fees to determine if you have a case and no upfront fees while we work on your case.

  • Vancouver Immigration Lawyer - Ian Goldman : Meet Vancouver immigration lawyers and consultants for prominent advice. Canada immigration attorney services at our law firm are always there for you to get Canadian citizenship with ease. Contact Vancouver immigration lawyer Ian Goldman today.

  • Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer : Toronto personal injury lawyer, McLeish Orlando personal injury lawyers strive to help individuals who are suffering from a personal injury. Whether it may be a motor vehicle accident or the loss of a loved one due to negligence.

  • Vancouver Domestic Assault Lawyer - Tom Doust : Vancouver domestic assault lawyer assists to reach a plea agreement, or may be able to help you complete a diversion program that will allow you to keep a clean criminal record.

  • Jason Wuttunee Criminal Defence Lawyer : An experienced criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, AB Jason Wuttunee providing intelligent, strategic and successful litigation in all areas of trial and criminal law as well as select civil litigation matters for individuals or corporate entities.

  • Sarasota - St Petersburg - Tampa, Florida Tax Attorney : Frank Podesta manages the Florida location of Bomar Law Firm. The firm was created by former IRS attorney Cal Bomar to handle IRS audits, litigation and tax relief.

  • : An online directory that helps to connect with a lawyer in United States for any legal matter such as accident, domestic dispute, violent assault, drug charge, foreclosures, personal injury incidents to disability claims and others. Assists to find the best lawyers with their personal profiles and details about their practice, past cases and success stories.

  • Luke Dow Law Firm : Focuses on assisting people who have been hurt in an accident due to someone else's negligence. Assists to get compensation for paying medical bills and lost wages.

  • Michael P. Sheehy Criminal Defense Lawyer : Michael P. Sheehy is a leading criminal defense law firm. With over 15 years of experience, specialized in offering personalized strategies to defend your rights. Provides high-quality representation in every case and guide our clients every step of the way.

  • Bowling Law Firm, The : Law firm headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, practices medical malpractice and severe and catastrophic personal injury law throughout the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Practice areas include medical malpractice, birth & pediatric injuries, wrongful death, pharmacy error, premises liability, maritime injuries, brain injuries and more.

  • Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein, LLP : Law firm focuses on helping people who have been hurt in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else. Represents consumers in cases related to personal injury, motor vehicle injury, medical negligence, labor law violations, and similar offenses to the rules of society.

  • Law Office of Douglas Green, The : Law firm located in Portland, OR, specializes in handling personal injury and criminal defense cases. Represents clients in cases related to car accidents, bicycle and bike accidents, playground accidents, truck accidents, and dangerous area cases like slip-and-falls and defective sidewalk cases.

  • Law Offices of Larry E. Bray, P.A : West Palm Beach law firm offers effective legal counsel in the areas of business law, real estate and estate planning, while also providing clients with the personalized attention they deserve.

  • Pendas Law Firm, The : Law firm located in Florida, specializes in personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, dog bites, insurance claims, medical malpractices, slip and fall, workers compensation, wrongful death and more. Serving since 2004.

  • Law Offices of Steven A. Mason, P.A. : A full-service law firm, specializing in family law, mediation and arbitration, homeowners association disputes, and probate. Serving since 1981 in South Florida.

  • Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys : Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys was established in 1989 by brothers Vincent Cavallo and Orlando Cavallo, Bronx natives dedicated to providing high-quality legal services in the areas of real estate law, estate planning, Medicaid and personal injury to the people of the Five Boroughs of New York City and all of Lower Westchester County.

  • Umpire Legal - Legal Services in Thailand : A law firm based in Bangkok, specializing in providing legal services by English speaking lawyers in Thailand. Offers services like business registration, trademark registration, partnership registration, foreign business license, BOI promotion, and more.

  • - CT's Premier Personal Injury Firm : Ouellette, Deganis and Gallagher, LLC, a personal law injury firm represents people and businesses involved in litigation and personal injury throughout Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Practice areas include motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, slip and fall injuries, dog bite injuries, medical malpractice and others.

  • : Philip Averbuck, a member of the Florida Bar since 1995 and a former public defender with experience in dealing with divorce, child custody and support, alimony, paternity and adoptions, settlement agreements, and injunctions. Also represented clients accused of murder, fire arms violations, assault and battery, sexual assault and more.

  • Key Law Office : A top-rated law firm dedicated to helping people in central Texas with family law matters, business law, civil litigation, estate planning, and criminal law. Committed to the clients and provide personalized services for each of them.

  • Phillips Law Group - Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers : An experienced and dedicated team of personal injury lawyers and legal professionals dedicated to fight against insurance companies and ensure that their clients get the compensation they deserve for their treatment and help them to lead full life.

  • Matthew Marin - RI DUI Lawyer : Criminal defense lawyer provides those arrested and charged with DUI in Rhode Island with highly skilled, professional and vigorous representation.

  • Hassan Elhais - Professional Lawyer : A professional lawyer in Dubai, UAE, practicing since 2005. Specializes in litigation & property law, banking law, civil law, construction law, family law, and more.

  • Nirwan Law Corporation - Vancouver BC Lawyers : Law firm located in Vancouver, BC, specializes in ICBC car accident claims and personal injury law including slip and fall cases, and pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents.

  • Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney : Provides comprehensive information about bankruptcy law and debt relief in Florida. Lists various attorneys who can guide through the entire legal process and regain control over finances.

  • - Accident Lawyers : Provides comprehensive information on accident lawyers and attorneys in USA, who focuses on helping people who have been injured in car accidents and all other personal injury matters.

  • - Workers Compensation Lawyers : A network of experienced workers compensation attorneys and lawyers, who assists in reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability, along with providing loved ones of deceased workers with death benefits.

  • Perenich Law Firm  - Bankruptcy Law Firm in Clearwater, FL : Law firm located in Clearwater, FL provide care and compassion solution for clients debt by offering bankruptcy services to regain financial footing.

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