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Law education involves both theoretical knowledge as well as practical training about the legal field so that the student is taught the laws and how to apply them. After intensive training when the student completes the law education and enters the field for work, he or she must be well-conversant with the laws and understand their implications. Law education requires not only the understanding of the law but being able to analyse the situation and know exactly which law would be applicable and how to apply it for the benefit of the client. Lawyers need to have a very sharp and analytical mind as the cases may be highly complex and finding a way to protect the interest of their client is important. Law education provides intensive training to students to ensure that they blossom into good and successful lawyers, however, ultimately how each person performs in the real world depends a great deal on personal intellect and drive.

Site Listings
  • ILSA : Provides students with opportunities to study, research, and network in the international legal arena, activities includes academic conferences, publications, the global coordination of student organizations and more.

  • Hague Academy : Centre for research and teaching in public and private international law, with the aim of further scientific and advanced studies of the legal aspects of international relations.

  • Law School : Providing education and training for paralegals, attorneys, candidate attorneys and conveyancers in paralegal studies, conveyancing, administration of deceased estates, legal writing, legal book-keeping.

  • AALS : Resource for the improvement of quality legal education by networking law school faculty, professional staff and deans to information and resources.

  • UKCLE : Centre for legal education, established in 2000, promoting the development of learning and teaching law at both academic and vocational stages.

  • : Leading provider of post qualification CPD training for legal profession, including law courses and conferences, whether working in a private law firm practice, public sector or at home.

  • : Scotland’s legal resource in the field of school education, particularly focusing on tackling discrimination, promoting human rights and the rights of disabled pupils with additional support needs.

  • WrightsLaw : Provides resource on special education law and advocacy with thousands of articles, cases, and free resources.

  • Education Law Center : Focuses on improving public education for disadvantaged children, and children with disabilities and other special needs.

  • ACLCE : Resource and training center dedicated to educate young citizens in civic knowledge, law and government. Offers school and community based programs relating to law.

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