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Television is an electronic item which is found in everyone’s homes. It has become quite important as a household item as it is one of the main sources of entertainment. One can watch movies, daily soaps, latest music or songs and even stay updated by watching the news. The different channels that are available provide us with a variety of broadcasts that we can watch. As a consumer product, television sets became popular after the World War II and, the addition of colour in 1953 increased its popularity even more. With the technological growth in electronics, television sets have been continuously updated over the years. From the black and white display box to modern plasma and LCDs, television has undergone many changes. Modern television sets do not come in boxes any more. Instead they are mostly flat paneled and can be hanged on a wall instead of putting it in a table or desk. Many new features such as high definition picture quality and 3D effects are also found in television sets.

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