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Global Positioning System or GPS, as it is most commonly known, is a satellite navigation system which was developed by the United States’ Department of Defense. The satellites transmit microwave signals that enable the GPS receivers to determine the current location, time and velocity of the satellites. Even though this technology was a military based invention, it is accessible and available to the common people. It is often used by civilians as navigation system on the ground. Software applications for GPS are available in many cell phones and cars, which provide driving or walking instructions to people. GPS has come quite popular as it allows people to navigate without getting lost. If a person is in a new city or country, then he or she can move in the city without getting lost. All a person needs to do is enter the name of the destination, and the GPS will navigate and direct him or her to that place.

Site Listings
  • GPS .gov : US Government information web portal for Global Positioning System and related topics for public, professionals, students, teachers and more.

  • Concox : China's leading designer and manufacturer offering complete and customized GPS tracking solutions to transport sector to achieve higher operational efficiency.

  • LiveViewGPS : Southern California based company provides wireless location product and services for businesses, law enforcement, asset trackers, and family safety.

  • SatCop : An ISO 9001 certified company head-quartered in Pune supplies and distributes GPS based fleet automation and management system and tracking software services, for the people, heavy vehicles, cars or battery operated vehicles.

  • GPS Tracking Canada : A Canadian company providing tailored GPS tracking solutions as per customer business and budget to reduce labour cost, to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Trackitnow : Offers affordable and reliable vehicle tracking and fleet management services. Includes live traffic information on the system map, driver behavioral monitoring and reporting and much more services.

  • : One of the leading Group SMS Software providers in India since 2001. Offers GPS mobile tracker, GPS fleet management and many more system and software.

  • Garmin : One of the leading worldwide provider of user friendly navigation products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor recreation and sports and fitness activities.

  • Sanav : Providing reliable systems, products and services to global customers in the field of GPS and RF technologies including vehicle tracking and marine navigation.

  • GPS-Server : Platform for GPS tracking software and GPS server for personal, vehicle and mobile phone tracking.

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