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Digital Satellite Service or DSS is used by DirecTV. The transmission is received by a satellite dish which is connected to a set-top box, with the help of which people can watch programmes in their television. Many customers get their services through a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) provider. There are many service providers such as Airtel, TataSky, Reliance, Dish Tv, etc. which provide satellite service for television. The provider presents a wide range of channels and customized packages for the customers so that they can choose the channels of their choice. The main aim of these providers is to bring hundreds of channels to the customers’ television in order to compete with the cable TV providers. Digital Satellite Service has become very popular as more and more people are availing these services. The picture quality of these services is better than those of cable TV as it is digitized, and people can have many channels in their televisions.

Site Listings
  • All Road Sat : Offers satellite phones for sale and rentals. Includes accessories, satellite internet, contact information and company resources. Provides 24/7 phone support.

  • AV Comm : An online store for communications products including antenna systems, radios, satellite dishes, cable & waveguides and RF accessories. Serving since 1981 in NSW, Australia.

  • DVB Shop : Offers advanced video broadcasting equipment such as TV tuner cards, neocube, mystique and HDTV receiver in MPG4/TS/H.264 format.

  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation : Focusing on military and political threats to the security and interests of the Russian Federation and supports economic interests of the Russia. Includes counter terrorism and peace keeping operations.

  • The State Museum of Political History of Russia : The State Museum of Russian political revolution. Website includes history, branches, admission timings, visitors guide, news and many more.

  • C-COM : Established in the year 1997, offering 2-way broadband satellite internet services for home or office users across globe. Website includes organization details, products descriptions, dealers and resellers data.

  • Connect Live : Headquartered in Washington, DC, offering webcasting and satellite broadcast services for government agencies, corporate and non-profit customers since 1999. Includes live video and audio communications.

  • : Specialized in offering digital satellite receivers since 1997. Including coolsat, pansat and fortec receivers. Website features directory of products, technical support and company details.

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