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  • Expatica : Resource guide for expats living in or moving to Russia. Provides information on visa and permits, housing, insurance and many more.

  • Moscow Travellers Yellow Pages : Handbook for travelers and foreigners living, visiting and working in Russia. Includes information on airports, theater, maps, restaurant, shops, museums, magazines and more.

  • Russia Channel : Russian travel guide to find hotels, reservations, tours, flights, maps, tours, popular destinations, one-of-a-kinds sights and attractions throughout Russia and its cities, towns, and regions.

  • Russia-Export-Import : Resource directory for Russian export-import trade activities. Includes opportunities, offers, statistics of the foreign trade operations, services, marketing and analysis, customs and many more.

  • Russian Directory : Web portal providing information on Russian history, languages, area, books, and videos.

  • St Petersburg Business Guide : An online English-language travel directory providing glories of St. Petersburg in Russia. Contains a list of sightseeing places, hotels, transport service, shopping details, and other travel-related information.

  • Way to Russia Travel Guide : An online travel guide to Russia. Features tourist destinations, train ticket and hotel booking and much more travel related information.

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