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Provider of multi-platform sports information for the Brazilian community.

  • Midia News : News and publishing website that covers details on politics, election views, economy, judiciary, business, environment, etc happening in Brazil.

  • Rio Times, The : English newspaper dedicated to the English speaking community for the people in Brazil. Covers details on politics, world, real estate, business, sports, etc.

  • Sobral 24 Horas : Newspaper of Sobral region of the Cerara state in Brazil. Offers 24 hours latest news in various sectors like sports, business, entertainment, general, etc.

  • Impactoonline : Online journal that contains updates about international and national happenings. Classifieds are available. Ads are posted. Content originally available in Portuguese.

  • Atlantica News : News and media portal that covers updates in various sectors like agriculture, culture, ecology, economy, education, sports, politics, etc in addition to daily general information.

  • Folha De S.Paulo : Provider of English news in Brazil. Covers updates about world, sports, science & health, culture, travel, business, etc.

  • Ojornal : Bilingual online newspaper that provides information in Portuguese and English languages. Top stories, sports, immigration news, details on Portuguese world, living, etc are found.

  • Brazzil : Brazilian English magazine that focuses mainly on Brazilian culture and people. Political, general, sports, etc news and opinions are available.

  • Sambafoot : Brazilian English football news website that represents details about players, teams, coaches, stadiums, matches, etc. Latest news is available. Football forum is open.

  • Site Miseria : A Portuguese online newspaper of Juazeiro do Norte city of the region Cerara state in Brazil. Covers news on sports, politics, entertainment, etc.

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