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  • Lonely Planet - Northern Mariana Islands : Provides tourism and travel information on popular places to visit. Includes history, culture, transportation and weather condition of Northern Mariana Islands.

  • CDA : Providing loan funds to private and public sectors for economic development of Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Saipan Chamber : Promotes the civic interests and general health and welfare of the community of Saipan.

  • Brilliant Star : Private school serving the needs of children on the beautiful island of Saipan.

  • Northern Marianas College : Resouce contain informaion on student services like activities, academics programs, college profile and lots more.

  • Saipan Community School : Private christian school, established in 1976, presents details of mission and education programs offered.

  • Aqua Resort Saipan : Premier resort hotel located in Saipan, presents information on rooms, health spa, restaurants and reservations.

  • My Marianas : Resource for general information for visitors such as accommodation, transportation options and lots more.

  • Mariana Resort - Northern Mariana Islands : Located on the north of Saipan in a tropical resort, perfect place for greatest activities.

  • NMPASI : Non-profit organization established in 1993, provides information on civil, legal and human rights.

  • Angil Design : Provides wide variety of IT services, from system and network design web applications and hosting services.

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