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  • Augier Energy : Leading energy distribution and management company. Specializes in airport lighting, producing transformers, regulaters, remote control and super vision.

  • Business Film Productions : Offers legal video services including HD television and film crews, steadicam, grip, subtitlin, dubbing, boom operators and more.

  • Invest in Provence : Providing a-z provence investing guidance from setup to takeover of a company.

  • Sherpa Engineering : Serving in defence, automobile, spacial and more sectors by providing system engineering - validating complete development cycle.

  • Agrooh : Offers technical and scientific translation services for agroscience, life science, biotech, environment, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries.

  • Cetal : One of the most popular manufacturer of tubular and industrial heating elements.

  • Iseo : Presenting monitoring systems to control the polluted air from emissions in environmental area with 20 ans of experience.

  • ITGS : Specializes in recruiting executives and high end managers, Serves as a recruiting partner to many IT companies.

  • MCE Design : One of the leading sellers of interactive kiosks, partitions display, wall displays, illuminated signs and more from Paris.

  • Metaware : Large IT firm offering modernization services in database migrations, code agilization with extreme automation.

  • Sogedex : Offering corporate badges, clips, cordons, zips, identification bracelets and more.

  • Quadrium : Provides french technology for marketing plans, operational supports for companies.

  • Drucker : Furniture store specializes in wooden products including benches, chairs, tables, and much more.

  • Aes Chemunex : Located in France, a microbiology manufacturing company offering services in food, clinical, pharmaceutical and more sectors.

  • Comptec : Meant for plastic injection molding. Servicing in household appliances, automotive and few more sectors.

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