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The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in the Southeastern part of Europe and lies between 41 deg and 45 deg N latitudes and 22 deg and 29 deg E longitudes. It is spread over an area of 110,994 sq kms. The country shares its borders with Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Greece. It is parliamentary democracy. Sofia is the capital of the country. Bulgarian is the official language. Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a member of several international organizations like the NATO, the European Union and the World Trade Organization. The country is divided into 28 different provinces.

Site Listings
  • Kiril Art : Official online gallery of paintings from earlier periods, forthcoming and past exhibitions.

  • Eliznik - Bulgaria : Overview of Bulgarian folk culture, costumes, dances, music and history.

  • Dance of the Wind : Founded in the beginning of 2000, uniting professional artists in the sphere of Bulgarian folklore.

  • Tanguerin : Portal for tango dance and music in Bulgaria.

  • BG Globe : Database providing tourist with accommodation, lodging, restaurants, landmarks and museums listings.

  • Tour Information : Resource for tourist information and reservation system that includes cities, hotels. mountain and sea resorts.

  • Discover Bulgaria : Offering travel packages to suit every purpose, lifestyle and budget as well as providing information about country traveling, its history, culture, accommodation and online reservations.

  • Imoti BG : Offering clients with different kinds of consultations, property management, legal and marketing analysis and demand on real estate market.

  • Bourgas Real Estate : Properties on seaside, mountain, modern seaside and ski resorts in Bulgaria for sale.

  • Biodar : Agency providing a range of service to foreign individuals when buying vacation property in Bulgaria.

  • DAO Real : Located at the Black Sea, database of houses, apartments, land plots for sale all over Bulgaria.

  • National Statistical Institute : Government site offering information about the population, ecology and economy of the country.

  • I Space : Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, creates multimedia art production and organizes exhibitions and conference.

  • BG Maps : Designed for use on computers and cell phones for easy and convenient way to look for cities and addresses in Bulgaria, as well as calculating the fastest or the shortest routing.

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