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The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and comprises of 17,508 beautiful islands. The country shares its borders with several other countries like Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Phillipines, Singapore, Australia and India are some of its other immediate neighbors. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. The official language is Indonesian and the currency of the land is Rupiah. The Javanese are the dominant ethnic group of Indonesia. The land has a population of approximately 238 million people and is the fourth most populous country in the world. The predominant religion in the land is Islam, in fact, the country is home to the largest Muslim population in the world. The country is a Presidential Republic. It is divided into 33 different provinces. It is located between 11 deg and 6 deg latitudes and 95 deg and 141 deg longitudes. With a tropical type of climate the land is known for its varied flora and fauna and is also a place that holds immense tourist interest. The country has a mixed economy wherein both the Government and the private sector play important roles for the development of the nation and its people.

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