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  • IndiaDemocracy : Site facilitates communication between legislators and citizens discussing issues of mutual concerns through Internet.

  • Punarbhava : Provides information about persons suffering with disability and suggested treatment for these people.

  • Svayam : Features information regarding disabled people and creates self dignity to such people.

  • Bharat Matrimony : Offers opportunity of finding life partner according to required qualification, caste, and desire online.

  • Nadar Sangam : Information regarding tamilians are given and also acts as a matrimonial site.

  • Missing Persons in India : Provides information of missing persons above 18 yrs of age and helps police in their investigation.

  • Sikhnet : Helps to get information about Sikhism, their culture, tradition, etc and provides required facilities to Sikh community.

  • Astro World : By submission of some queries and other required information past impulses and future actions of individuals can be known.

  • Gateway for India : Offers information and articles about Indian culture, history, attire, customs, etc.

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