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  • AsthmaCure : Website provides asthma sufferers with actionable asthma information in a simple and effective manner.

  • MedCLIK : Provides up-to-date electronic drug information and offers innovative products and services in the areas of business consulting, technology, insurance, healthcare and IT.

  • Amity University : One of the leading education group of India, offers different levels of teaching programmes for health professionals and IT professionals in the health care industry. Programmes include commerce, engineering, food technology, health sciences, physical education, organic agriculture and more.

  • eHealth Care : Helps patients, physicians, and community hospitals to make appropriate use of information and communication technologies to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and reduce the cost of its management.

  • Saffola Healthy Heart Foundation : Deals with educating people on the need to take care of their heart health, and leading a heart friendly lifestyle, partnering them through various stages of this journey.

  • Vaatsalya Healthcare : One of the top innovative company in India providing healthcare inclusion of the rural poor, in cost-effective and innovative ways.

  • NSV Surgeons India : Deals in the field of reproductive health and works for the cause of male participation in family welfare.

  • Vital Life Clinics : Offers comprehensive primary care services under one roof and includes family physician consultations, specialist doctor consultations, dental services, ophthalmology etc.

  • Medindia : A leading online provider of health information and services to consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals and also provides information about diet and nutrition etc.

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