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Burma or the Union of Myanmar is a nation located in Southeast Asia. The country is spread across 9 deg and 29 deg N latitude and 92 deg and 102 deg E longitude. It occupies an area of 676,578 sq kms. Burma shares its boundaries with the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Laos, India and Bangladesh. The capital of Burma is Naypyidaw and Yangon (Rangoon earlier) is the largest city. Burmese is the official language. and Kyat is the currency in Burma. The Burmese culture draws inspiration and is highly influenced by that of its immediate neighbours.

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  • Green Palace Myanmar : Travel agency providing details on tours packages, hotels, flights and car reservations in different destinations.

  • Lonely Planet - Burma : Provides an introduction information of the country, as well as details on when to go, places of interest, history and contact details.

  • Hotel Tourism : Resource contains complete information on cultural attractions, eco-tourism sites, festivals and more.

  • Myanmar Travel : Presents useful and updated information on accommodation and tour booking services.

  • Myanmar Travel Information : Travel portal includes information on destinations guides on tourist spots, things to do, travel tips and more.

  • Myanmar Tourism : Provides information with details on hotels, tour operators, airlines, traveller's tips and eco-tourism.

  • Orient Express : Offers cruise holidays and tours on the most scenic rivers in all style and luxury.

  • Myanmar Travel : Guides to plan a trip in all major destinations. Includes tour details, accommodation facilities and restaurants bookings.

  • Great Myanmar Island : Manufacturer of hand made furniture, particularly with tropical rattan, teak wood and lacquer.

  • Mandalay Central : Company specialized in offering billiard, snooker accessories, pool tables and a wide range of toys.

  • Myanmar Book : Company specialized in importing and exporting books and periodicals on Myanmar, in Burmese and other indigenous languages.

  • Road to Mandalay : Sells an assortment of handicraft products like pottery, wholesale crafts, asian antiques and collectibles.

  • Visit Mekong - Myanmar : Travel guide providing details on accommodation and tour booking services.

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