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Scientific studies require referring to a number of documents for the purpose of throwing light on various issues as studied by individuals or scientists earlier. Understanding the perspective of other scientists and scholars would be of great help in taking the study forward or even help deciding the direction. Scientific reference is thus, sources of information for scientific study and helps provide useful information to support studies and take it forward. Scientists too in their case studies and reports clearly state the sources that they have referred to so that others pursuing the path could benefit. Scientific reference is databases that provide immense information for scientific studies. Scientific reference may include books written by scholars, statistical data, journals and case studies. With digitization, finding scientific references is made easy and there are several sites online that are a source for a number of scientific references.

Site Listings
  • Knovel : Provides comprehensive information on engineering community. Offers unmatched depth and breadth of validated engineering content.

  • CalcTool : Provides quick, simple, easy and online calculation and unit conversion tools for home, school, recreation, office, technical disciplines and also for fun.

  • All Measures : Offering conversion table of non-metric measures into SI and two-way javascript converter, temperature conversion table and converter.

  • : Independent, single issue organisation advocates the full adoption of international metric system for all official, trade, legal, contractual and other purposes in UK.

  • : Non-profit organization committed to make the world's scientific and medical literature a public resource.

  • : International scientific organization, created to promote all aspects of science and scientific research.

  • : Informational website providing resource on science subjects including biology, physics, chemistry, math, and history.

  • : Online source to find science, math, physics and chemistry formulae for reference. Helpful for science & maths students, engineers and technicians.

  • : Online resource site assisting science students and professionals. Includes descriptions, equations, calculators, conversions and more.

  • Catherine Whitlock : Offers scientific articles for print or web-based journals, magazines and newspapers, covering the fields of biology, health and medicine. Site includes details of qualifications and recent projects.

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