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A museum is a place or building that house the rich treasures of heritage is open to public viewing. The museums undertake the activity of conserving the artifacts and also study the subject and provide valuable information to the public. The museum is a store house of knowledge and can be visited to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of any country or place. The large museums have collections that include artifacts from across the globe and have various areas of the building dedicated to different interests. Museums are a useful source of information for research students and those pursuing studies such as history, archaeology and anthropology. A source of information about culture, civilization and revealing many a tales from history, museums are an integral part of the cultural heritage of any country. The important and large cities of the world are home to huge museums.

Site Listings
  • NHM : Maintain and develop wide collections of images to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world.

  • : Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the North of England and features interactive exhibits which inspire children aged 0-11.

  • Children : Providing wide range of comprehensive information on museum located in Victoria British Columbia.

  • Bishop Museum : Premier natural and cultural history institution in the Pacific, recognized throughout the world for its research projects and public educational programs.

  • Delta Cultural Center : Located in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, museum dedicated to the history and culture of delta blues through exhibits, educational programs, annual events and guided tours.

  • NWHM : Museum researches, collects and exhibits the contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political life in a context of world history.

  • : Provides details on upcoming shows and activities, membership options and various scientific exhibits.

  • Adventure Science Center : Established in 1944, providing current program listings for the science museum along with information on hours and admission fees.

  • Museum Spot : Provides the best collection of museum-related content on the Web, including museums, aquariums, zoos, national parks, exhibit schedules and more.

  • Greece Museums : Online guide for museums, provides information about Greek culture and history, Ancient Greece, private sightseeing, mythology and much more.

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