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Maps maybe ideally defined as a pictorial depiction of the particular area. The area covered by a map may differ from one to the other. Belonging to the field of geography maps generally depict a large area and are made to scale with a small area on the map depicting a large proportionate area in real terms. Maps may be two or three dimensional. Maps may be categorized into physical and political maps depending on what they showcase. Political maps show the geographical area and the boundaries, whereas on the other hand, physical maps showcase the relief features like rivers, mountains and plains. Road maps are guides that are extremely useful to travelers and are extensively used to locate different areas and understand the location and find direction. The science of map making is referred to as cartography and the expert who carries out the task is known as a cartographer.

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  • Turkey in Maps : Online exhibitions of antique and historical 16th to 19th century maps of Ottoman Empire and Turkey.

  • Old Maps : UK's most comprehensive historical map, providing complete step by step picture of land. Historical maps covering England, Wales and Scotland.

  • Maps & Directions : Printable online maps, providing wide range of comprehensive information on point to point driving directions and travel accessories.

  • Map Sales : Carries an assorted selection of wall maps for business, education and interior decor, which covers every region, state, city, community and address of USA.

  • : Providing digital map software, mapping, route planning, gps tools and other devices.

  • Map Shop, The : Provides variety of useful maps and travel books for U.K., Europe and rest of the World.

  • Zagreb Map : Assists in finding Zagreb attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and much more.

  • Scratch Map - Travel Maps : Features beautifully illustrated cartography with highly detailed geography. Record your travels by scratching off where you’ve been to reveal countries, cities, Islands, capitals and more.

  • Maps of India : Provides all types of India's outline, physical, political maps, along with a large number of utility tools and informative write-ups.

  • Atlapedia : Contains full color physical, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

  • Maps of World : Resource providing all the maps of the world, continents and countries, along with latest news and information on sports events and much more.

  • National Atlas : Source for national maps and geographic information of United States of America on the Web.

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