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Libraries mean a place having a collection of books. The collection is mainly for public use. However, some libraries provide services to only those who register as members. Libraries may be classified into public and private depending on the ownership. Libraries are a treasure house of knowledge with books of all kinds, maps, old newspapers, records and documents. Libraries work as a great source for students who are carrying out research. The large libraries generally have hundreds of books devoted to each subject or niche and serve as a good point for references and studies. The administration is generally carried out by the librarian, who is a person who definitely loves and is knowledgeable about books. Libraries are a part of the literary heritage of any nation. Libraries too have come to have an online version in today’s times with so many tech-savvy making online searches for information of all kinds.

Site Listings
  • William Gladden Foundation Library : A nonprofit organization website with unique library of free educational materials about variety of child abuse and neglect issues.

  • : Worldwide directory providing accurate and up to date information on extensive collection of books, library homepages, web-based OPACs and much more.

  • National Library of Australia : Provides wide range of comprehensive information about library, its collections, services and activities.

  • Public Libraries : Resourceful site for individuals, families, schools and organizations, which promotes and serves people with an easy access to use public libraries.

  • IPL : Public service organization and a learning environment, featuring wide range of searchable information from its reference center, reading room and subject collections.

  • Health Library : Online health library, providing health education to people around the world.

  • : Providing services for friends, trustees and foundations across the country to increase and enhance efforts on behalf of public, academic and school libraries.

  • ALSA : Specialized in the field of teacher librarianship and school library resource services.

  • Wiener Library : Offering unique collection of over one million items, including published and unpublished works, press cuttings, photographs and much more.

  • London Library : Serving generations of readers and writers throughout the country and beyond with information about the library, including its history and collections and much more.

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