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Journal in simple terms refers to a record of daily activities maintained. The record maybe of the events carried out by the business, the various monetary transactions or any other. Updated on a regular basis the journal provides information that is extremely important and valuable. Journals are also an important part of scientific study and are published by scholars. The journals in such case have a varied set of information in it which relates to the different aspects of the study, the perspective of the scientist or scholar, the conclusions and the given set of circumstances. The journal provides an insight into the study and also a direction to those who would like to be involved with similar activities. Journals are published by various sources and in different fields. The contributors to the journal are generally experts who have a lot of experience in the field. Academic journals and other journals are generally published at regular intervals and serve as a treasure house of information for those involved in the particular area.

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  • Oxford Journals : Publishes academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject. Subjects includes humanities, law, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, medicine and social sciences.

  • Asian EFL Journal : Journal published monthly and presents information, theories, research, methods and materials related to language acquisition online for language teachers and learners.

  • Connect Journals : Providing list of e-journals, e-publishing, journal subscription and management services online and offline from India.

  • Emerald Insight : Leading independent publisher of journals in management, library, information services, engineering, applied science and technology.

  • BMJ : Publishes wide range of accessible information that helps doctors to improve their practice and influence international debate on health.

  • ISSN : Providing information on ISSN periodical publications worldwide in printed form or other media.

  • Epoch Times Perth, The : West Australia's first international newspaper. Published fortnightly, and home delivered for free to WA homes. Focusses on international news and affairs, and is locally owned & independent.

  • : Publishes variety of academic journals in subjects such as economics, current affairs, humanities, health and science.

  • : Directory covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals in all subjects and languages.

  • Journal Seek : Largest completely categorized database of scholarly journal information which includes the description, journal abbreviation, homepage link, subject category and much more.

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