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Personal Finance refers to the finances related to an individual or family. Proper financial planning and a good understanding of the income and expenses of the individual is essential to make the most of the available financial resources. Income is limited and thus, to be able to make the most of the available resource it is important that proper planning and investment is done. Personal finance includes everything from expenditure, loans, credit cards to investments. For wealth creation and maintaining a good quality of living, it is essential to plan appropriately, set the goals as per the available resources and monitor the achievements. A comparison between the goals set and the actuals would help the individual to determine what changes need to be made from time to time. Good personal finance management would ensure that the person or family is able to live a good quality of life today and also maintain the same level after retirement.

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  • Best Credit Repair Companys : Leading online credit repair resource for authoritative and objective reports on credit repair companies.

  • Capital Zenith : Offering personal loans, payday loans, home equity lines of credit and auto financing services, insurance providers and even discounted phone services.

  • CareOne Debt Relief Client Reviews : Provides solutions to get out of credit card debt. Reviews the comments submitted by various debt relief organizations to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (cfpb) on regulation of the industry. Offers free debt analysis with debt relief options.

  • Free Financial Advice : Dedicated to provide advice and financial help on how to save money, get out of debt and find financial freedom.

  • ICredit Central : Providing all types of loan products such as credit cards, home mortgages, debt consolidation, auto loans, credit reports and home equity loans.

  • Jump Start : Dedicated to improve financial literacy of pre-kindergarten through college-age youth by providing advocacy, research, standards and educational resources.

  • Loan Foundation : Located in southern Utah, educate consumers on financing options mainly on mortgage and home loans, auto financing, debt consolidation, cash advance loans.

  • : Provides solution lenders' frustrations and consumers concerns by creating a trusted marketplace where lenders agree to a set of ethical business practices and borrowers are educated about what to expect during loan process.

  • Money Net : Established financial comparison sites in the UK, providing personal finance information and a wide range of knowledge on everything from credit cards and personal loans to savings and mortgages and more.

  • MS Money : Premier financial and career website providing information about financial planning, personal finance, investing, retirement, money management, banking, buying a home and everything else related to money.

  • Personal Loan UK : Source for the best online unsecured loan rates available to tenants and homeowners in UK.

  • Pigly : Provides free financial advice and topical guides with interactive features to help people figure their finances.

  • : Leading online destination for borrowing money and investing in loans, allows people to invest in such a way that is socially and financially rewarding.

  • Right To Buy : We have access to a specialist panel of lenders allowing us to arrange a mortgage for you to complete your Right To Buy purchase fast and efficiently.

  • : A website dedicated to helping people spend less on things they need, invest for the long haul, and protect your finances through good management.

  • T24 Black : T24 black card?is the prepaid credit card alternative for travelers which comes with a $50000 load limit, worldwide travel insurance and priority pass.

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