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Personal Finance is the process of making financial decisions by an individual or a family in their personal lives. It includes some important aspects such as financial planning, budgeting, investments, insurance, retirement planning, saving, tax planning, etc. All the money-related activities in our life have a direct impact on our personal finances. Therefore, financial planning is very necessary in order to achieve our financial goals. Financial goals of an individual or a family may include purchasing a car, a house, education, healthcare issues etc. Proper management of the finances will help in fulfilling these goals. The other aspects of personal finance are also helpful to an individual or family. For example, a proper budget will ensure that unnecessary costs are not incurred; identifying the right mode of investment (viz. policies, shares, bonds or properties, etc.) will help in obtaining the maximum return with minimum risk. Managing the finances will also help in ensuring that we have enough saving, so that one can have a comfortable life even after retiring from their work. In simple terms, it can be said that if we control our finances properly, then we will have a richer and fuller life.

Site Listings
  • 20 Something Finance : Personal finance and lifestyle blog that helps young professionals to pursue their financial freedom.

  • AARP : Money and financial discussion forum that strives to enhance the quality of life for retired professionals and those who are planning for their retirement, through information, service, and advocacy.

  • ABC Stock Investing : Provides ideas for individuals on investing in stocks. Helps people perform investment research and formulate their investment strategy.

  • ASEC : Educates the American public about various aspects of financial security thereby helping them in retirement planning and savings.

  • : Details on investment basics, stocks, mutual funds, and personal investing are included. Articles are found.

  • Carnival of Personal Finance : Financial blog that contains articles, posts, and general stuff about personal financial planning. Individuals can submit articles and post their queries as well.

  • : Contains free resources and articles on money saving from America's trusted voice, Dave Ramsey. Details on financial classes, lessons, and events are included.

  • Personal Finance Analyst : Online blog that helps people with articles, ideas, and information on money saving, advice on loan/mortgages, news on financial events, creative ways of financial planning, updates about banks, and so on.

  • Planning for Retirement : Provides information about financial planning for individuals planning to retire around the age of 30 years. Lifestyle, income, estate planning, and other tips and advices are found.

  • Practical Money Skills : Helps consumers of all ages improve their knowledge on personal finance with resources, classroom curriculum, videos, and so on.

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