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Macedonia or the Republic of Macedonia is a landlocked country located in Southeast Europe. It shares its borders with Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. It is spread over an area of 25,713 sq kms and is located between 40 deg and 43 deg N latitudes and 20 deg and 23 deg E longitudes. Skopje is the capital of the country. Macedonian is the official language of the land. The Macedonian Dinar is the official currency. It is a parliamentary republic. Christianity is the predominant religion of the land with approximately 65% being part of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Macedonia is a member of several international organizations like the UN.

Site Listings
  • : Focused on music, theatre, visual arts, literature, events, festivals and other aspects of culture.

  • Flower Shop : Order flower's and gifts online and deliver to loved ones on special occasion all over Macedonia.

  • Gallery Renoir : Located at the centre of beautiful city Skopje, promotes artists from all over Macedonia and make their work available for sale.

  • : Source for wide range of information on history, culture, language, human rights, and other topics regarding the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Meta Morphosis : Based in Macedonia, specialized in the development of democracy and prosperity by promoting knowledge based economy.

  • MHRMI : Since 1986, working on human rights issues for Macedonians and other oppressed peoples.

  • Real Estate : Agency in Skopje, Macedonia, specialized in renting and purchasing houses, apartments and commercial property.

  • Skopje Online : Tourist guide providing information about hotels, accommodation, travel, transport, shopping, events, attractions and culture activities online.

  • : Organization founded by George Soros, features countries specific activities and programs.

  • Telekom : Offering customers a wide array of telecommunication services within the scope of fixed network.

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