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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or Jordan is located on the bank of the River Jordan. The country shares its borders with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria. Amman is the capital of Jordan and Arabic is the official language of the land. It is a constitutional monarchy that is spread over an area of 89,342 square kms. It lies between 29 deg and 34 deg N latitudes and 35 and 40 deg E longitudes. The Jordanian Dinar is the official currency. Islam is the predominant religion. The Arabian Desert forms a major part of the terrain of the land of Jordan.

Site Listings
  • : Independent institute promoting awareness of Islamic thought.

  • Abdoun : Offering detail description about rent and sale of residential and commercial properties.

  • Al Naser : Leading real estate developer and builder of apartment buildings, in West Amman.

  • Badr Adduja : Designers of handicrafts products like embroidery, home furnishings and jewelry that reflects the Jordanian culture and heritage.

  • Jormall : Offering highly effective SMS and email marketing services that helps to promote products in Jordan.

  • Karim Gallery : Displays original paintings and artworks of local and international artists.

  • Kasih Food : Jordan's leading manufacturer of canned and boxed Mediterranean food.

  • Nabat : Company specialized in the sale of fertilizers, seeds, equipments and other products related to agriculture.

  • RIIFS : Royal institute for inter-faith studies includes all issues pertaining to religious, cultural and civilizational diversity.

  • Ten Thousand Films : Resource providing information on baptism of Jesus Christ on the east bank of the river Jordan.

  • Time Center : Jordan's leading watch retailer, offering well-known brands quality watches and sunglasses.

  • Zalatimo Sweets : Supplier of baklava, fine pastries and gourmet chocolates.

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