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The Republic of Iraq is located in Western Asia and lies between 29 and 38 deg N latitudes and 39 and 49 deg e longitudes. The country shares its borders with Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Baghdad is the capital of the country. Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages. A federal parliamentary republic, Iraq is divided into 18 governorates for all administrative purposes. The Iraqi dinar is the official currency. Islam is the predominant religion with approximately 65% of the people being Shias and the remaining 35% are Sunnis.

Site Listings
  • AL Kut Company : Pharmaceutical company providing all different kind of medical needs from local or international market.

  • Atlas Tours - Iraq : Site lists 4 & 5 star Iraq hotels facilities, price and reservation information.

  • Babylon University : Offering a guide to college of engineering, science, medicine, fine arts and their facilities.

  • Baghdad Museum : Independent Iraq museum international brings the rich history and cultural heritage of Iraq to the world.

  • Global Security : Located approximately 16 kilometers West of Baghdad, provides complete information on airport facilities.

  • Iraq Directory : Online business directory guide to complete Iraq business news and information.

  • Iraq Foundation : Organisation promoting democracy, human rights and civil society in Iraq.

  • Iraq University : Promoting scientific and cultural level of new Iraq by graduating an engineer with superior objectives.

  • South Travels Tips : Providing travellers details on passport, visa and accommodation information.

  • Travel Iraq : Providing countries specific information on safety, security and health issues.

  • Virtual Tourist - Iraq : Travellers can enjoy Iraq vacation by finding the reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and Iraq locals.

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