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Downloads refers to receiving information or data. With the internet becoming an essential part of everyday lives, the terms “downloads” and uploads” are one that is frequently used. The information is received from an online source and is downloaded or taken into the system from the world wide web. The information received may of different formats depending on the type of information downloaded. Uploading on the other hand is just the opposite of downloads. Upload means the sending of information from the system to an online source. The world wide web and latest technology has made it so quick and convenient to transfer information. Huge amounts of data can be transferred with a high speed internet facility. Downloading any kind of information is possible from any part of the world. The internet has thus, bridged distances and brought the world together very close. The transfer of information in a quick and easy way has benefited both individuals and organizations a great deal.

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  • : Directory providing freeware, shareware and commercial software reviews and downloads information.

  • Internet Download Manager : Featuring dynamic file segmentation and download logic optimizer to achieve download speed and higher internet connection performance.

  • Internet Downloads : Unlimited internet movie, music, tv shows, games downloads and much more for members.

  • SpeedBit : Leading download acceleration technology with a variety of products and services that enhance most common internet and web related activities.

  • : Company providing back office solutions and wholesale internet services to a global network of companies, internet service providers and other service providers worldwide.

  • : Provides complete anti virus protection for home and business with a fast incremental update.

  • Lighting Download : Accelerates, manages and schedules downloads. Helps in downloading files from the Internet without incompleting.

  • Neo Downloader : Helps in downloading multiple and various web media such as movies, music, photos and more with drag and drop facility.

  • Download Butler : Automates download process by capturing downloads directly from browser and stores in an explorer style layout.

  • Softpedia : Provides a collection of free software programs for windows, unix/linux, mac, mobile phones, games and drivers.

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