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Industrial goods and services refer to the goods supplied by one business to the other. Here one business is the provider or the supplier and it is another business that is the customer. Business to business is how the industrial goods and services are passed on. The industrial goods and services are the end product of one business but they form the raw material for another and finally the finished product is what reaches the ultimate customer. The production of industrial goods generally requires huge investment and infrastructure and is thus, an expensive proposition. The quality of the products manufactured has to be very high and the price competitive. The marketing of industrial goods and services too has become very important in today’s extremely competitive times. Print ads, the internet and advertisements in business publications are media that are found to be effective for industrial goods and services.

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  • : Providing valves, pumps, fittings, gauges, filters, heat exchangers to food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries.

  • Aditya Air Controls : Hyderabad based company, offering air compressor components, spare parts, pneumatic tool parts and much more.

  • Air Centers of Florida : Authorized distributor of air compressors and parts from Ingersoll Rand and providing service, install and parts for major brands.

  • Air Compressors - Excel Compressors : Provides service and support to a wide variety of compressors and compressed air equipment covering all the various manufacturers within the industry. Official distributor and stockist for BOGE, Air Industrial, Beko Technologies, Parker Domnick Hunter and more.

  • Airgas : Distributes industrial, medical, and specialty gases, welding supplies, safety products, and tools online through over 700 locations nationwide.

  • Airtech : Manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling for resin infusion, prepreg/autoclave process and lay-up.

  • All-Flo : Manufacturer of lube free, non-stalling air diaphragm pumps in the US (OH). Chemical resistance table as well as online sales available.

  • Allied Pipefreezing Services Ltd : Founded in 1994, the nationwide specialist pipeline services company providing onsite pipeline isolation, intervention, and pipework services.

  • Andgar - Fruit Processing Equipment : Provides fruit processing equipment that lowers processing costs, increases productivity and improves your bottom line.

  • Arm & Hammer - Food Grade Potassium Bicarbonate : Arm & Hammer provides food grade potassium bicarbonate formulated with a flow aid to assure excellent storage and handling properties.

  • Ceramed : Manufactures and supplies industrial dryers, metal surface finishing machines and equipment for deburring, descaling, polishing, and super finishing solutions.

  • Compsiflex : Based in Pennsylvania, manufactures carbon fiber, honeycomb core, hybrid, ceramic and filament wound composites; epoxy, fiber and thermoplastic laminates; and reinforced plastics.

  • Diamond Abrasives - Engis : Supplies micron diamond and CBN product which is designed, manufactured & qualified to possess a specific set of chemical & physical properties which ensures its performance in particular application.

  • Dowa Hightemp Furnaces : One of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial heat treatment furnaces with Japanese technology matching cutting edge thermal processing expertise.

  • E. G. Heller : Offers metal fabrication equipment including hydraulic press brakes, plate rolls, shears, angle rolls, and tube benders for small fabricating shops, mid-size manufacturers, and large construction companies.

  • : Leading hardware manufacturer of industrial, vehicular, military and specialty hardware for trucks, trailers, fire and rescue equipment, marine, construction vehicles as well as electrical and industrial enclosures and panels.

  • Excel Compressors - Air Equipment : Provides service and support to a wide variety of compressors and compressed air equipment covering all the various manufacturers within the industry.

  • Hydral Ectric : Leading solution provider for the control and conveyance of water, development and distribution of water valves and pumps and manufacture of the qualflex brand of flexible hoses for a wide range of OEM markets.

  • Infrasafe : Specialzed in providing infrastructure services, including everything from line marking to rail safety training.

  • Injection Mold China Maker & Plastic Moulding Company : One of the leading injection mold China makers specialized in designing and manufacturing high precision & large-scale plastic moulds. We are a unique hybrid solution of dealing with American and European companies but getting better Chinese prices. We will be glad to review your specifications and share them with our plastic injection mold makers as well for their input.

  • Insight Engineering - Surface Treatment Plant : Manufactures surface treatment plant with transporter type transfer mechanism. The process includes degreasing, rinsing, acid dip, and chromating.

  • Jones Metal Products : One of the largest hydroforming contract manufacturer in the USA. Serves aerospace, lighting, automotive, cookware, healthcare, and defence industry.

  • Millennium Precision : Manufacturer and supplier of various industries with swiss style precision machined parts and components.

  • North American Sensors : Specializes in the manufacture and distribution of sensors for pressure, level and temperature applications for the marine industry.

  • Prestige Pumps : Pump distributor specialized in supply, installation and repair of pumps. Pumps include air operated diaphram pumps, contrifugal pumps, industrial pumps, dosing pumps, chemical pumps and more.

  • Seidler Chemical Co : A century-old organization in Newark, New Jersey supplies and distributes all types and grades of chemicals such as acids, bases, organics, inorganics, powders liquids and more to different industrial applications.

  • SIP UK - Air Compressors : Offers air compressors for both industrial and domestic use throughout UK.

  • Thames Side - Compression Load Cells Suppliers : Specialised in the design and manufacture of compression load cells at UK and worldwide.

  • Tracerco : Provides a range of industrial technology including everything from radiation monitors to density measurement instruments.

  • TradeBearings for Bearing Enquiry System : Bearing model inquiry system collects most models, facilitate inquiries model specific parameters can also be found here bearing models corresponding suppliers.

  • WG Security Shutters : One of the UK's leading suppliers and installers of roller shutters and overhead industrial doors. The team of professional installers will ensure the property is secure from unwanted callers. Our quality range of shutters, curtains and doors are manufactured in the UK.

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