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Yoga and Meditation are a great way of relaxation. Yoga helps improve flexibility, concentration and relaxes the body and mind. It also provides cure to a number of diseases without actually having to resort to popping pills. Yoga prescribes a very healthy lifestyle and thus, practicing yoga on a regular basis can have immense benefits. Yoga is one that dates back to a few thousand years and has been practiced for a long time. For a person practicing yoga on a regular basis, this is both a form of exercise as well as relaxation. Meditation is one that dates back to several centuries and the benefits a person derives from it are tremendous. A relaxation technique, meditation helps to calm both the body and the mind and also helps to improve one’s concentration. Meditation requires concentration and focusing the mind and is thus, a form of exercise that exercises both the mind and body and provides it freedom from all problems related to stress.

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  • Spirit Voyage : Offers kundalini yoga CDs, yoga music MP3's, yoga DVD's, and meditation music. Includes yoga clothing for men and women, yoga books and mats.

  • Learning Meditation : Provides comprehesnsive information on meditation and helps in learning meditation. Offers CDs online.

  • Yoga Accessories : Online shopping website offering yoga accessories including mats, mat rolls, straps, blocks, blankets, towels, DVDs, music, balls, eye pillows, rugs and more.

  • ABC of Yoga : World's largest Yoga Portal, offering up to date information for anyone ranging from beginners to seasoned yogis.

  • Yoga &Meditation Blog : Provides information on yoga and meditation. Includes useful tips and procedures.

  • Asana Posture : Providing wide range of complete information on yoga and meditation asana postures.

  • Agama Yoga : Offering students the spiritual path of true integral yoga courses in a modern form in Thailand.

  • My Yoga Online : Offers yoga videos, pilates classes, meditation practices, and more. Includes on demand yoga DVD video streaming downloads with world class teachers.

  • Bare Foot Yoga : Offers yoga products such as mats, clothes, mat bags, props, rugs, pants, apparel, dvds, books, gifts, meditation supplies and more.

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