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Senses refer to the five different senses, namely that of smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste. It is through the sensory organs that we are able to experience the world. The eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin that we are able to feel the world and experience the beauty of life. The senses make all the difference to our perception of matters. This is clearly evident from the case of a person whose senses are not working completely. A blind or a deaf man would have a different feel or perception of the world compared to a person who is blessed with all the senses. The medical field provides solutions to any problems regarding the senses. Problems that have affected the different senses or issues that have caused a person not to have particular senses are all medically treated. We associate a number of things using our sense of taste and smell. The human brain is able to decipher between hundreds of smell and taste.

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Mexico Airport

Resource guide for Benito Juarez International Airport of Mexico. Provides information about flight departures, arrivals, parking, car rentals, and hotels near the airport.

McMann Eye Institute - Lasik Hawaii

McMann Eye Institute performs Lasik eye surgery in Hawaii. Offers an extensive range of eye care services to patients on the island of O’ahu, Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • All About Vision : Provides information on eye health and vision correction options. Also offers eye care products and services to improve vision and eye health.

  • Taste & Smell : Located in Washington, D.C, major clinical and research facility where patients with taste and smell dysfunction are evaluated and treated.

  • Eye Q Laser : Provide with the best lasik eye surgery, prk eye surgery and implantable contact lenses as well as other surgical options such as the implantable contact lenses and refractive lens exchange.

  • NIDCD : Providing wide range of information about the behavioral research and research training in the normal and disordered processes of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech and language.

  • Eye Care Source : Provides information related to eye including eye care, eye health, refractive surgery, eye conditions and diseases. Also helps in choosing proper contacts, maintaining eye glasses, optometry jobs, top optometry schools, and more.

  • Hear Again : Resource for a wide range of information on hearing loss, deafness, sign language, cochlear implants and implantable hearing devices.

  • : World’s independent scientific institute dedicated to inter-disciplinary basic research on sense of taste and smell.

  • Smell & Taste : Alan R. Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist, recognized smell and taste expert, specialized in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of smell and taste-related disorders.

  • Contrast Sensitivity : Dr. Arthur P. Ginsburg, an internationally recognized expert, specialized in vision testing technology and analysis of visual performance.

  • Glasses Online - Perfect Glasses : Offers prescription glasses, sunglasses and designer glasses for both men and women at discounted prices with free gifts. Includes different brands such as Benetton, Carrera, Diesel, Escada and more.

  • Cheap Glasses - Exclusive Eyes : UK based online retailer, offers a wide collection of prescription glasses, spectacles, designer glasses and sunglasses.

  • Sense of Smell : Provides resource relating to the sense of smell and its importance to human psychology, behavior and quality of life.

  • Carlsbad Eye Care - Eye Doctor in Carlsbad : Performs PRK and dry eye treatment in Carlsbad, California. Specializes in LASIK eye surgery - a type of laser eye surgery that is used to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

  • Austin Optometry & Vision Services - Optique : One of the Austin's premiere Optometry clinic & eyeglass boutique. Provides the best personalized eye care and the most innovative and unique vision products available.

  • Radio Educación : The first radio station in Mexico since 1924. Promotes the educational, cultural, and artistic expressions of the country through radio programs.

  • IMER - The Mexican Institute of Radio : A public organisation in-charge of managing the radio stations of the Mexican federal executive and is part of the secretariat of public education.

  • Tablet Magazine - Mexico : An online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and cultures published by non-profit nextbook press since 2009.

  • Mexico - Fashion Trends : Fashion magazine of Mexico features topics on fashion, beauty, society, culture, travel and entertainment. Available in digital and print versions.

  • MexicoNow : An English language international bi-monthly business magazine focused on industrial sectors and other topics published from Mexico since 2002.

  • Multimedios Television : An independent regional Spanish language Television broadcaster of Mexico.

  • Barista Magazine : World's leading trade magazine for coffee professional published from Portland, OR since 2005. Available in print and online media.

  • Radio Bilingüe : Radio Bilingüe’s is a Latino public radio network presents vibrant and diverse music and cultural program and promoting community education program, civic engagement, health and well-wellness program and to empower Latinos and other under-served communities.

  • New Mexico Magazine : The award-winning magazine of Mexico is published monthly and features topics from around the Land of Enchantment, including multicultural heritage, arts, climate, environment and diverse people.

  • English EI Universal : Mexican daily newspaper published from the year 1916. Covers national and international news. Includes stories on city, EU tax reforms, and breaking news.

  • Puerto Vallarta Government & Tourism Offices : Official website of tour destination place located in Pacific coast in the Mexican State of Jalisco. Offers limitless possibilities for enjoying the town, jungle, and Banderas Bay.

  • Tour Baja : Tour company offers boat supported adventure tour services in Mexico.

  • Hotel Planner Mexico City MX : Search engine helps to find cheap and discounted hotel rates in or near Mexico city. Features hotel amenities, price range and travel information.

  • Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) : An organization authorized to coordinate, design and develop the national and international strategies for tourist in Mexico. Aims to promote the numerous destinations and activities.

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