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With the ever increasing health requirements of the people the healthcare field is getting more complex day by day. It has become almost impossible to keep track of the needs manually. The computers have thus, made simple this task too with the healthcare software. There are a wide variety of softwares available to cater to the different needs of the healthcare professionals. There are also customized softwares that cater to the individual needs. From maintaining the record of the employee to just about every need of the healthcare professional and the patient is taken care of with the healthcare software. The softwares available are user-friendly and make it possible for even an amateur to use it with ease. With all data available digitally it is easy to access it and also analyse the details. The healthcare softwares have definitely made easy the life of the healthcare professionals by assisting them in the day to day work.

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iTech Workshop - Web Based expEDIum Medical Billing Software

A leading PM software in the public health clinic space in North Carolina. Offers the health care industry a HIPAA compliant SaaS based advanced & secure Medical Billing Software, Practice Management Software and Claims Processing Solution. The solution is ICD-10 ready and supports both HCFA-1500 and UB-04 claims. The solution is cost effective and is available in a monthly subscription.

  • DermDash : A new app that provides a digital marketplace for aesthetic procedures like Botox and laser hair removal. The app connects patients with pre-approved, reputable doctors and clinics. Assists to get the best deal possible and save time.

  • Medical Healthcare Software : Company based in Montreal, Canada, offering solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including company overview for individual physicians, groups and hospitals.

  • : Provides wide range of customized testing solutions for global spray and aerosol drug developers.

  • Patient Placement : Providing fast, secure, paperless online healthcare software systems for referral communications, management and analysis.

  • : Delivers medical billing and practice management software as well as revenue services to healthcare organizations of all sizes.

  • All Scripts : Leader in software, information and connectivity solutions that enable physicians and caregivers to manage the complexities of healthcare.

  • Healthcare Software Systems : Supplier of leading Radiology and Breast Screening information management solutions.

  • : Providing wide variety of services in the home, including home healthcare for seniors or others who need professional health services, as well as personal care assistance, such as bathing, grooming, shopping and light housekeeping.

  • MTBC : Offering comprehensive range of medical billing solutions, transcription and a free EMR software.

  • Health Care Software : Provides advanced clinical solutions for large and small care facilities to hospital staff. Facilitates safer and more effective medication management and communication processes.

  • American Health Care Software : Located in South Burlington, Vermont specializes in providing software solutions to healthcare industry. Offers software solutions for nursing homes, long term care, home care, elder care, retirement homes, assisted living, apartments, outpatient clinics, and others.

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