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Children are our future and thus, child health is an important concern for any parent or the nation. To help keep the beautiful smile on a child’s face it is important that he or she stays healthy. For proper growth and development, both physically and mentally, it is important that health remains good. Child health not only involves freedom from diseases but also a wide range of important aspects like food, nutrition, providing proper conditions for good physical and mental development to name a few. Several organizations, both public as well as private, are working towards good child health, the world over. The WHO or the World Health Organization has also laid down several conditions and guidelines for ensuring good child health. Child Health and the study of the behavior, needs and requirements of children, both infants and grown up, is a specialized branch of knowledge.

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  • JDCH : Children’s hospital in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, offering the largest diversity of specialists in the region.

  • Seattle Childrens : Located in Seattle, Washington, premier child health care and pediatric center.

  • Infinite Therapy Solutions : Group of passionate, seasoned professionals with over 40 years of experience focusing on providing in office and in-home childrens therapy. Offers occupational, physical, behavioral and speech therapy.

  • My Child Health : Provides comprehensive information on parenting and child health advice for children health care, nutrition, food, fitness and safety tips.

  • Healthy Childcare Consultants, Inc. : Aims to provide accurate information and effective resource materials to promote the health and safety of young children, birth through age 8.

  • : Provides comprehensive information on the causes, symptoms and treatments of child ailments.

  • Flu Vaccine - FluMist : Provides information on Flumist a Flu vaccine that helps provide flu protection to children, adolescents and adults ages 2 to 49.

  • Kids Health : Private place for teens who need accurate information and advice about health, emotions and life.

  • MACS : Offering support and information to parents and professionals in the UK and around the world about Microanophthalmia, Anophthalmia, Coloboma and related conditions.

  • Calpol : Remedies for pain and fever associated with teething, coughs, immunizations, headaches and other ailments and illnesses.

  • First Signs : Dedicated to educate parents and professionals about the early warning signs of autism and related disorders.

  • ReGenerate - Autism Dance Peer Support Programme : Site provides information and details about dance and drama classes run for autistic children by a successful autistic adult called Keely Hutchinson. Aims to help children in developing their coordination, social skills and understanding.

  • Child Health Site : Dedicated to funding simple and very effective preventatives and treatments with the goal of robust child health around the globe.

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